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  • embroidered patch
  • embroidered patch
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Princess Castle

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A great embroidered patch for a diabetic princess! 

Size 5.6 x 5.7cm

For Best Results, Sew On

For Ironing on:

Step 1: Spray water on the back of patch (do not tear off the glue).

Step 2: Place the patch in the desired place on garment.

Step 3: Set iron temperature for cotton & switch off steam. Cover patch with a piece of damp cloth and iron for 10-20 seconds.

Step 4: Turn garment inside out and iron for 30-60 seconds to make sure the glue has melted and the patch is fixed on the garment firmly.

Step 5: Turn the garment the right way and iron the edge and corner of the patch to ensure a smooth surface.

Please note these are guidelines only and will not suit all garments. Please check the garment label for suitability to iron.