About us

Welcome to DiabeticDetails!

My name is Elise and I am the founder of this company and I have been a Type 1 Diabetic for 5 years. Here at DiabeticDetails, our Motto is that it's the little details that make Diabetes easier.

I started DiabeticDetails as I wanted to help individuals boost their confidence with diabetes and add some positivity to the day-to-day lives of other Diabetics. Like every Diabetic, I have found this to be an emotional rollercoaster, so any colour or humour we can add to Diabetes so much the better.

I have previously worked as a Midwife and was a GB age group triathlete. I am now a videographer and an open water swimmer and aiming to race this year, I'm not letting Diabetes stop me! But on December 2023 I decided to pursue other avenues and realised that for me this business would end. But while it's a bittersweet farewell for me, I'm glad it continues on in different hands.

The new owner's name is Diana and she has been a diabetic for 5 years and in this time she had her beautiful daughter and moved countries, going across Europe from Latvia to the UK. Diana is a huge Taylor Swift fan and is currently a stay at home mum. 

If you like the products, tag us on Instagram @diabetic.details and you might be featured! We love hearing your stories, so get social and drop us an email or message us on Instagram.

Some of our favourite products we know you will love include our pouch bags which can fit insulin pens, glucose tabs and needles. Our (very unique) mugs have been one of our best sellers! And of course all of our CGM and pump stickers


About us