Teeth & Diabetes

Teeth & Diabetes

Does anyone else worry about their Oral Health when it comes to having Diabetes?

I never ate sweets and have always been quite healthy, however since becoming diagnosed and having hypos - you have to eat sugar. Quite regularly too.

I used to resort to whatever I could find to treat my hypos, jelly babies, glucose tabs etc. However, I now treat my hypos with fruit juice where possible and drink it with a straw. At least now I feel like its the slightly healthier option and I can bypass my teeth a little bit.

It’s known that athletes teeth used to suffer from the amount of sugar they would consume. It was then realised that energy gels and the quick acting glucose that athletes need absolutely destroys their teeth. So surely its the same for us Diabetics!

What are your go to hypo treats? Does anyone have any recommendations on keeping healthy & clean teeth?! 

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Hi Elsie, firstly, some great products, thank you, I’ve just purchased a Libre sticker (wi-fi) just to see what the products are like and how well and easy the purchasing process is, which is all cool so thank you.
Secondly, I’ve glanced briefly over your blogs (the one in teeth pricked my ears up as it’s an issue I have, which is massively compounded by my other health issues), and I can’t see any replies or comments from other readers. Am I missing something and they elsewhere?
Regards Jon
Keep up the great work please.


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