Stigma Around Diabetes

Stigma Around Diabetes

Do you ever feel judged as a Diabetic?

Do you feel like everyone has something to say about what you are eating or how you got Diabetes?

Stigma and judgement around this chronic condition is a big part of why I decided to start sharing my story. I wanted to help people understand what Type 1 Diabetes is, why it is developed and what this means for our future. I encourage people to ask questions, rather than take a snap judgement on me. 

We have all been asked the dreaded question "Should you really be eating that...?"

Even writing it now has made my blood pressure go up slightly 😂

There is a very common misunderstanding that Diabetics cannot and shouldn't eat sugar. So what can we eat? Leaves, air, dust....? 

The truth of the matter is, we inject insulin to cover what we eat. Ok, its probably not advised to eat your body weight in Ben & Jerrys ice cream.....but is that advised for anyone?! We can eat just like an individual who isn't living with Diabetes - ok there is some quick carb counting maths, timing of insulin and quantities to work out 😂 But we are NORMAL and can eat normal food, just like everyone else.

Speaking as someone living with this chronic condition, I would far rather people ask questions about how I was diagnosed, why I got it, what I can and can't eat/do - this opens up to a discussion about Diabetes and really helps to educate other people


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