Snacking & Diabetes....

Snacking & Diabetes....

How do you keep the hunger monster away and still manage your blood sugars?

Do you have healthy go to snacks or just grab whatever you can find and deal with the blood sugar aftermath when it arrives?!

I have found mid hypo, I am a grabber of everything and anything I can find….however planning in advance for these hypos has had me reaching for the healthier choices of snacks.

Here are some of my top tips to staying healthy whilst still being able to enjoy some good food!

1) Plan plan plan….if you go to food cupboard mid hypo, all you see is a red rage of GIMME FOOD and you’ll most likely overeat, blood sugars will shoot sky high and you’ll then have to correct to come down to earth again

2) Choose the healthier option to treat hypos - I have been going for fruit juice over jelly babies as at least its more natural sugars

3) Dried fruit is awesome for hypos, yogurt raisins are a tastier version ;)

4) If you’re not going low and wanting a snack that wont affect blood sugars…. I love apple & cheese, carrots & hummus, salt & pepper cashew nuts (cant stand plain ones…), low sugar yogurt, 

These are just some ideas I have found to be useful to keep healthy whilst enjoying my food! Hope this helps :)

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