Mental Health and Chronic Conditions

Mental Health and Chronic Conditions

We all have moments of up and down with Diabetes (or other chronic conditions). Did you know that three in five diabetics experience some sort of emotional or mental health problems as a result of their diabetes? 

Coming to terms with diabetes was not a smooth ride, as I'm sure it isn't for anyone. The first 3-6 months was simply information overload, learning to inject, reading about diabetes, updating friends and family. Then reality sets in, this isn't going away, this is my new life.

When I was diagnosed I was warned by my medical team that I was about to go through a roller coaster of emotions. They weren't wrong! I experienced courage and strength, stubbornness, sadness, anxiety, pride, name it, I have felt it over the last 4 years. 

One of the major positive factors in my diabetes journey has been my support system. My fiancé Matt, family and friends have been incredible and wanting to learn everything about diabetes in order to understand what I am going through. Matt calls himself an honorary diabetic as he goes through the highs and lows with me (mainly so he can have "hypo" treats too...). Not only them, but the online community of diabetics is an amazing world in itself! To not feel alone in having diabetes is so important.

I have also found that taking as many positives as possible from diabetes has boosted my confidence. When I discovered stickers for my Libre I started to become proud to show it off! I wanted people to see my "don't let the pricks get you down" bag because it would get people talking about diabetes, laughing with me about the endless "pricks" jokes and making me see that diabetes doesn't have to all be bad!

I love hearing your stories so reach out to me via Instagram or email me All diabetics have their condition in common, so lets get out there and support each other 👍❤️

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