Injection Dilemmas

Injection Dilemmas

For those of you using insulin pens, what issues do you face?!

Between pens, pumps and other gadgets there's a lot to get your head around. And then there's insulin - this wonderful liquid that keeps us alive yet one small mistake can cause pretty big problems.

I found the first year of injecting to be really tough. I am a Midwife so the needles are no issue, but putting a needle into your own body? It’s a very difficult process to learn. My family helped me for the first month or so, doing all of my injections because I couldn’t bring myself to do it. My sister is a medical she needed the practice anyway!

I used to be so nervous of my next meal as I would have to inject. But once I got into the swing of things and learnt how to inject in the spots that were the most comfortable for me things got a bit easier. I find my thighs and top of my glutes to be the best spots for me - however I rotate regularly to avoid overusing these sites.

I initially was started on Novorapid and Lantus, however I got nice big itchy hives from the Lantus so quickly changed to Levemir and have been on this ever since. I then changed my fast acting to Fiasp in the last 2 years as it works quicker and I was struggling waiting for 20 minutes before I could eat - especially at work when you only get a short break and cannot plan that far ahead.

I also find changing my needles to be suuuuch a faff 😂 How often do you change yours? I used to change them every time I injected, but recently learnt that's 'best practice' but not what every Diabetic does...

And now I have handy bags to keep my needles and pens together its become much easier to manage everything

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