How did DiabeticDetails start and why?!

How did DiabeticDetails start and why?!

Here at DiabeticDetails HQ, making Diabetes a little more positive and easier for you day-to-day keeps us going and motivated to provide you with the best accessories. 


I started this company last year, when I had been living with Diabetes for 4 years and was after a bag for my equipment. My poor fiancé would be finding needles all over the place, or I'd so often loose my reader or glucose tabs making it difficult to find them in a hurry.


I couldn't find exactly what I wanted, being the right size, shape, compartments I thought welI I can't be the only one struggling! I also love my FreeStyle Libre, however its plain and white and needs jazzing I started designing stickers for my own use.


Then came the creation of DiabeticDetails! I wanted to help other Diabetics easily find the right shape and style bags, fun stickers for their devices, mugs, medical ID and more! 


I've had such great feedback about helping to brighten up Diabetes, if DiabeticDetails can help just one person living with Diabetes we have succeeded!


If there are any products you really want designed please get in touch at


Or if you just want to say hi and let us know how your products help you then get in touch!

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