Diagnosis Day

Diagnosis Day

Everyone has a different diagnosis story. Mine goes a little like this….

I was 24 years old (ancient in Type 1 Diabetes terms…). I had months of bad symptoms, but like many other undiagnosed Diabetics I ignored them! I had lost a lot of weight and dropped to an unhealthy underweight BMI. I was drinking gallons and gallons of water, I needed glasses as everything became very blurry…. I was getting muscle cramps and lost all my appetite.

I was still training to race as a GB age group triathlete which obviously these symptoms were making pretty difficult. I finally decided to go to the Doctors after months of these symptoms and convincing myself I had a thyroid problem.

Later that day I was on the way to my friends wedding and received ‘the call’ from the Docs saying my blood sugar was 32mmol/L (aka SUPERDUPER HIGH) and I needed to go to the hospital ASAP.

So off I went in my full wedding attire, into hospital and my life changed forever. Ever since, I have been injecting multiple times a day and much of my life is affected by Diabetes (not all in a bad way!). For the following few weeks I was learning so much - learning to inject myself, learning about food, learning about Diabetes and how/why I developed this.

It was a steep learning curve but I look at it in a positive way - thinking how much I have learnt about myself, how much stronger mentally I am and how its taught me compassion for others going through similar.

So what was your diagnosis day like? 

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