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Diabetes and Heat

Do you find your blood sugars are affected by the heat?


Now we are well into summer and the sun has finally decided to grace us with its presence, I wanted to share how I am affected by the heat and learn about your experiences too. 

Interestingly when I was travelling in Hawaii (the best place in the world if you ask me....100000% worth a trip and if I can save enough I will be going back!) ....anyway back to my story....in Hawaii I almost stopped taking insulin, I was on tiny tiny doses and sometimes even my half unit pen giving me 0.5 units at a meal was too much. It was mega hot and I was very active (I cant sit around on a beach for more than an hour without needing to go and do something!). After many more days of hypoing in the UK or wherever I am, if it is a very hot day I am definitely more sensitive and responsive to insulin. 

I have learnt that when I am abroad somewhere hot, I need to reduce my background insulin to allow for this. I might run a little high whilst I am figuring out what works for me, but I end up hypoing less. 

Also - soooo important to take medical ID and a cool bag with you, you dont want your insulin being out in the sun or getting warm. Our insulated bags or the frio bags are the best I have found!

What are your experiences?

Ps....this blog post is absolutely not medical advice, it is purely personal experience. Please see you Diabetes Nurse or Doctor if you have questions or concerns!

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