Coping with the everyday

Coping with the everyday

Diabetes is no walk in the park. Some days are great; I have controlled blood sugars, I sleep well, I eat well and I feel positive. Some days are really tough.

Since my diagnosis it's been a rollercoaster of a few years. But this last year has been a turning point for me in getting out there and raising awareness.

So far I have participated in podcasts, webinars, started DiabeticDetails and learnt a gazillion things about my body and mind. I use my products to see the positive side of Diabetes. I wanted to add some humour so I could laugh at the little details and make myself feel better about the bad days.

Here's to all diabetics out there coping with their diagnosis and facing challenges. Theres something in every day to be proud about, whether that's accepting your diagnosis and injecting yourself for the first time or smashing out a unicorn day (for those that dont know what that is - 100% blood sugar readings within your target. So rare it's like a unicorn...!)

All diabetics should be so proud of themselves, it's not easy and none of us asked for this. But someone asked me recently if I hated having diabetes and honestly I don't, it's made me stronger, healthier, taught me resilience and respect for my body. 

I have diabetes, but diabetes doesnt have me

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